A Expert? Really?

Do you know why I am a expert no running? No, not because I am a certified endurance coach, no not because I have various degrees and certificates.
I am expert on running because I am the creator of my run history. Successful multiday run events, unsuccessful runs, short distance with good decisions, long runs with bad decisions.
Hi, my name is Heiko, and thanks for joining me at Advance Endurance Coaching, where we specialize in building resilience mental tools to ensure you become a better, stronger healthier runner.
Especially for those runners’ over 40, where the best running is yet to come, if you work at it.
Today I will use a lot of material from much smarter people than me. From business leaders, to industry experts, and I will quote and use their material adapted to our great sport of running. So, if some of this sounds familiar, good, it means you know about these tools, perhaps just haven’t seen them in this context.
Now, back to being an expert. Yes, why do I call myself an expert? Because every single decision related to my running….. I was involved. My win, or my fault, or my bad… my decision.
I have convinced myself I am healthy went running, and I wasn’t.
I told myself a short jog won’t do any harm rather than cure out a nagging injury.
I am the main person involved in all of my decisions. I am the mastermind, the brainchild behind my biggest regrets.
I have talked myself into risky situations, I have pushed myself into getting a DNF, I have convinced myself I am fit and ready for this trail event, I have fallen for gadgets, and new equipment even though I didn’t really need it. Customers who have bought this, also… you know what I am talking about.
Every runner who follows any training plan for Comrades marathon, or who reads up on it…, if for example you want to complete a powerful Comrades, do a slow Two Oceans, se it as a training run. Don’t go for a PB or get carried away.
Oh for those of you that don’t know what the Comrades or Two oceans is. Please head over to my YouTube videos where I explain and describe these two iconic and most special South African Ultra marathons.
So back to the Two oceans.. remember if you want to run a strong Comrades, the Two oceans sis a training run…. OK…  What did I decide to do whilst running past Muizenberg? This current pace way is too slow. Let’s go. What happened at Comrades a few weeks later… a suffer festival, and bad performance. Ha, and this is from me the run expert, the certified coach. Look, that is one thing, here you get the truth, my successes and my failures. Sometimes the biggest lessons are learnt in such moments. Sometimes, most of the time.
Research has proven and revealed, mental tools increase performance. Let me ask you, what thoughts do you have whilst running? What hindering or limiting belief’s do you have?
Let me invite you, to join me at hypnorun.com take a few moments to explore the range of mental tools that can be learnt in self-study courses. With over 4 hours of powerful content to ensure that whether you are a runner currently injured or perhaps wanting to develop consistency, here you will find the secrets no one wants to share.  Step by step exercises that will ensure your runs are more satisfying and more fulfilling, because you can feel the improvements, and see it paying off on you finish time.

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