Activate your Potential || Running ability.

For me, it has an effect of memories, and special moments. Crossing the finish line of the Two Oceans Ultra, or the Dubai Marathon, or surviving a wet cold Polish 42,2Km. Memories, and good ones at that.

Plus, they remind me that each race, each event had me follow and adhere to a process. And of course, till date there was not a easy race amongst them.

The strange part is, that ever so often, clients will comment on the medals and immediately project this on to themselves. Ranging from “oh whow, I never did that marathon”, or “sure whish I could one day run one marathon, would be enough for me”.

You can relate to these types of topics? As though the run for me was somehow easier. Or like I was a pro runner. Won races and made it to Olympics. LOL.

I am not by the way. Nope, didn’t go to any Olympics, yes, won a race once twice actually but just as a recreational runner. And winning was never the objective. Rather running is just something that stuck with me throughout my life.

And yes, since my childhood actually.

Over 35 years of running, from just becoming fit, to surviving military training… and then discovering the freedom and the possibilities associated with which you can perform this sport.

Do click on the link below find out more about me https://www.heikostribl.com and for more running related content do check out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuoAaTiD4Dc2tMl5r3P09-g and take a free course on becoming a better runner… http://www.hypnorun.com

A rating, a like, a share will be greatly appreciated, and will help other runners’ that are looking for such advice find this show. So please do share.

And for this there are a range of tools that over the years I got skilled in. Invested time and money to learn motivational techniques, hypnosis, cbt and many more. And somehow, exactly that, rekindling the fire, helping runners unleash what they perhaps never thought of, that became my passion.

So one day a customer recommended me to start making a podcast. To reach people who might just need to hear this. And see this podcast, and its quality content it is for free. And it is my ambition to address attitude, mindset, mental issues that maybe right now resonate with you.

Of course as a certified run coach, I do offer workshops, well when COVID restrictions allow it again, I also train athletes, especially those with ambition. What I don’t do is give advice or talk on topics such as apparel, shoes, gels etc.

But you know there are a lot of mental tools you can use all by yourself. A lot of the material I talk about and present is based on solution-oriented short-term coaching. At the end of the day, all things considered. You know what is best for you. You might not be in a situation to decide, or to find and access this. But we are all unique, and with these tools that I talk about I it is my hope you will use them and work with them. To work with self-hypnosis, mental training, suggestions, and in being able to make new goals, and go for them. That’s why I set this all up in such a way that you can access this at your liking. Of course, there are some advanced courses that are there in case you are serious about unleashing your potential.

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