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You will have failure.

I mean don’t even get me started with my list of where I set out trained, plan in mind and hey, it didn’t work out.

Thing is, some people fall into a very dark place, and that is incredibly sad.

And yes, I do talk a lot about building your successes, about going for your best run. Be it run time, or run distance or run event.

And each and every goal comes along with its setbacks. With its trials and tribulations. That’s part of the learning curve.

Now if you perhaps listening to this, and it resonates with you. First off… most powerful word. HOPE.



Optimistic assumptionLet’s bring it into perspective, hold onto something of you are scared easily.

And this is the only life we have, this is the opportunity you have been given. And I don’t know what situation you are in right now. All the doubts the thoughts you have… you decided to listen to this podcast, so there is something that attracts you to the thought of running. And if you are approaching from a path of regret. Regretting because you wanted to but didn’t, could’ve but didn’t. didn’t want to eventually you found the right excuse. Change your body posture shoulders back raise your arms up and look upwards. Remember it’s Christmas time, and no, it’s not about overweight man coming down the chimney. We are actually celebrating Christ’s birth. Don’t believe in that, well maybe that’s why root of some of the issues your thoughts run wild, there is no value system there is no understanding of this overseas well-being situation called life trials and tribulation.


What does this mean for your running? Here some useful links.
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Brain Training For Runners’: Your Mental Guide To Better Running.

Improve your discipline Accountability Coach.

Add swimming to your run Become a better swimmer.

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Train your BRAIN become a better runner.

God bless you, share the show give it a like, and remember… take it easy.

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