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Motivational Posts. Why do they get on my nerves? Why do the constant short messages provoke me? Lead to irritation. No pain, no gain. Really. Seriously. OR take the stumbling blocks life throws at you and build a road.Why do I cringe if I hear or read a low level motivational quote? No matter how often you fall down, GET up and try again. Great how original. If you dream it, you can do it. And the way how to get there? The steps. The plan to change stumbling blocks into a path. The step by step instruction? So these points are the WHAT, that’s simple. What about the HOW. Seems that’s always missing. The results of where you are today, are all a sum of the decisions you have taken in the past, the plan you made or didn’t make, and the steps you undertook to ensure you stay on track. Your current position based on your past experiences, your current situation and your future hopes and dreams. Seriously. But hey, shouldn’t I be all for it. Seeing that this is supposed to be a motivational podcast as well?That’s why from now on the words, you are the sum of your thoughts… makes new sense now. Life’s happiness, Aurelius said, “depends upon the quality of your thoughts.” The crux of his philosophy is the notion that while we cannot control what happens to us, we can control our reactions to the events of our lives — and this gives us immense strength and freedom. James 1:22 But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. SHOWNOTES: What does this mean for your running? Here some useful links. Your “how to do it” run streak Run 365 Days: Your 365 Day Run Streak Brain Training For Runners’: Your Mental Guide To Better Running. Improve your discipline Accountability Coach. Add swimming to your run Become a better swimmer. Follow us on INSTAGRAM. Follow us on TWITTER. Follow us on YouTube. More about your HOST. Train your BRAIN become a better runner. God bless you, share the show give it a like, and remember… take it easy.

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