Biggest reason for bad run performance || How to avoid bad runs

What is the most important thing that keeps you from performing well in the sport of running? Obviously not time, time is equal to priority. The biggest reason you do not want properly, and you know this if you are a frequent run into mindset, attitude and training your brain. To get a satifying run performance you need to establish exactly what goes on in your brain. What happens in that moment in time when you take a decision. What exactly are the steps that your brain proceed with this information. Join us on today’s podcast and find out how you can improve your overall brand performance by training. To join us on Hypno run.com the show we do more then just talk about running we help you become a better smarter and stronger runner. How do we do this? Well we offer a wide variety of mental tools made for runners using scientifically proven methods to help you overcome those moments where you want to give up. To help you go further when you think you can’t run any more, or to help you get going in case you’ve just come up with many excuses. Enjoy the show? Then give it a share and give us a rating. It will help other runners that are interested in improving their attitude, the mindset to find the show. Thanks for your support.

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