Change the way you run || Become a better runner?

Running & mindset… You are not sure whether this podcast is for you? I will give you the quintessence of today’s message… if you don’t like it… of course you could go and learn some more swearwords form Joe Rogan.

The main point for today…. In this podcast there is just on message: stop being led by your failures and start making your dreams your source of inspiration. Whow… here comes the intro….

Do you really have a dream a goal for your running? Or is it just something you do. Same way you do dishes. You do your laundry. Maybe your running goal is diversified… you enjoy spending time on Amazon going through those comments on that pair of really cool looking running shoes.

Or debating whether the Garmin training plan is better suited than the Runners’ World training plan.

Hey maybe you.. no hang on… not you… maybe you know a runner out there who just does his obligatory run. Because it feels good. But the running is a bit on and off. Sort of like stop and go function… you go if the going is good but stop if the weather is not the way you like it.

Excuses are not hard to come by, the running story that is being written will be a rather boring uninspiring read.

Didn’t run today due to,

Couldn’t run because of,

Well I once thought of doing a marathon, BUT….

Not a very exciting or compelling story to read, is it?

Not one that you will be proud to share neither with friends nor with those people that look up to you.

Ouch. So what needs to happened? Well obviously, something about your story needs to change.

And there are plenty of examples out there, where ordinary people just changed… and no I am not going to cite some high profile brought to fame via social media runners ‘story. Maybe you feel the same when you hear o read about a 60-year-old completing a marathon in sub 3 time. I was like, are you serious? How the heck… or REALLY powerful stories of runners’ I remember one lady, she had during her pregnancy gained 40 kg… hey and she shared her joy of being a mum just as loud as she shared her frustration at the extra weight. You know what, she started walking 1.0 Km every day, and progressed to the 2019 Munich marathon. Yes, that’s how the story goes… she didn’t start with a park run, or a run streak… it was a struggle…. OR of the runner who at age 69 started running. Why, how come what happened? Well he had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes…he, he did start by doing the Saturday morning park run and progressed from there to running a first half marathon at age 72. A three-year journey. And I am not even going to mention people that have impaired vision, or other hardships and experience great power from their runs. Even my own run story, I will share with you my biggest success… but first… change.

Change Heiko… I want to change. Ok… you convinced me. And you know what? You have come to the right place. Because: Hey and I know what you want. You want change, and you want it NOW. Of course you do. Who doesn’t? Hey even put me on that list. LOL.

Actually, you expect it to happen like Superman when he rushes into a phone booth. Hold on, it is Clark Kent, who rushes inside the phonebooth, and changes into Superman. But that’s beside the point. You want change to happen fast, right now, this instant. Superman style. Quick quick… “follow these easy steps”… or your 3 weeks to your fastest marathon… “instant speed improvement for runner’s”… whow finally Heiko you understood what we want as audience… yes instant change instant change… give to us now.

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