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Hi my name is Heiko and welcome to Advanced Endurance Coaching, where you get real life race reports, or run experiences from me Heiko. I have been a passionate runner for 35 years, dedicated run coach and hypnotherapist. What does that mean for you? Well, here it’s all about training your brain, using mental tools that go beyond the power of positive thinking or some basics of NLP. Oh, I forgot to mention, is it ok if we start straight away? Or would you like to hear 4 or 6 or 8 minutes of ad’s first? Yes, that’s one of the three reasons I started this podcast, the last thing I want to hear is a sale whilst I am on a run and trying to enjoy a podcast. I know, the pro’s earn their money like that, but hey, I don’t like it so no ads here.

What are the other two points? No swearing, or wannabe hardcore running exaggerations. Here we keep it real. You, the runner close or over 40, who has a family to manage, or a ex-husband to forget ha-ha, a mortgage, a career, kids to raise, and you deserve to make the best of your allocated time for running, and that is where learning about brain training for runners’ will ensure you stay a sharp, stronger, and even become a better runner in the process.

Sometimes I talk about certain races, marathons or Ultras I have taken part in, and that I enjoyed. Really enjoyed. Be it in Germany, and there are plenty of smaller run events where you can really make some great memories. Of course, also in Europe and other countries I have been fortunate to run of live in. And I want to share them with you, no glamourizing, no exaggeration or fame seeking self-promotion. Mental guinea…

Usually if I travel abroad, I find people using the Hotel Gym treadmill. If there is one species of runners’ I would like to inspire it is the treadmill runner. Yes, I have trained on a treadmill. I admit it. Winter, David Lloyd Gym… Ice outside. OK, that’s a valid excuse. But otherwise… come on, you are in a foreign country. You have a unique chance to go running where you haven’t been before and explore something new. How can that not be exiting? In case you are not “feeling it”, not “getting the vibes”, listen up.

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