Cognitive Strategies for runners’

http://www.hypnorun.com Work harder… train more… do more miles and get faster… you know that this is not necessarily true. Perhaps you have some injury that happened exactly because you followed that motto. You trained to hard and pulled a muscle…

Hi, my name is Heiko and thanks for joining me on Advanced Endurance Coaching, where we are all about improving the mind… especially for those runners’ over 40. It’s here where I want to share you with you my passion for training and developing mental skills, whether you are a runner looking to develop consistency, or you want to go for a new personal record, this is the place for you… and if you are a bit sceptic, hang in there as there might just be that nugget you have been searching for.

You’ve heard it all before, or seen it on websites, or cover of magazines….

No pain, no gain… or… you just need to give 110%.

Practice make perfect… and if you are honest maybe you fell for it every now and then.

I know I used to.

How and where did this come from…. All this power talk?

Well, apparently in 2001 a researcher at the United States military academy a specialist in cognitive neuroscience, wrote a powerful paper, where the main message was…. “displaying irrational beliefs of perfectionism over achievement help a athlete to be appropriately relaxed focused and motivated”.

So this is science talking.

And the word spread… not only in the military, but also to the sports world, where first elite runners picked up on it, and then many runners’ read that study, or heard about it and that was it… they took that advice and went with it.

Now, question… does this even apply to the average Joe, who just goes out and enjoys his run? Does he really want to get wrapped up in some or other psychological discussion and drawn into lengthy studies and research papers. Well if you look at all the social media posts, seems like it is a big thing. And do you think the readers understand the complexity behind it?

No, I don’t think so. But how about taking this superficial attention-grabbing headline and use it to start developing and improving cognitive skill set. Mental imagery skills.

Because that is one of the biggest building blocks that are in your hands. That is a huge topic that you can have under your control and can define as to how you want it. A factor you can have influence on, and that can change the course of your running.

No matter whether you are currently injured or looking for consistency or are running on a master level.

Research has proven and revealed, mental tools increase performance. Let me ask you, what thoughts do you have whilst running? What hindering or limiting belief’s do you have?

Let me invite you, to join me at hypnorun.com take a few moments to explore the range of mental tools that can be learnt in self-study courses. With over 4 hours of powerful content to ensure that whether you are a runner currently injured or perhaps wanting to develop consistency, here you will find the secrets no one wants to share. Step by step exercises that will ensure your runs are more satisfying and more fulfilling, because you can feel the improvements, and see it paying off on you finish time.

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