Corona running wild

COVID 19, Corona…. I have two friends that are working on the front line. One as a doctor in the quarantine station not far from where I live, and the other is a lab researcher, she does the actual testing. Both gave me a realistic and honest feedback of the immense scale of this virus. It really is something from a science novel. That’s why: I want to give a big Thank you to all nurses, helpers, workers, doctors, lab assistants, that are helping those that are affected. Caring for them. Awful stories coming from around the world, from Europe, Spain, France, especially Italy, where the disease spread extremely fast… and now… patients cannot see their loved ones, in their final moments. COVID 19 has disrupted the whole world, right down to a small village. A huge interrupted the life as we know it. This disruption is what I use when a client comes to me for Hypnosis session. Example, if a runner has a certain mental blockade, we analyze his thought pattern and then, disrupt it. And only then can a new one be created and replaces the old hindering belief. Somehow, I cannot help thinking that this is what Corona or COVID 19 is giving us. A opportunity to get a pattern interrupt. So, join me as I share some thoughts on my take on the Corona epidemic. And what benefits there can be found. It could be that the Cruise ships lying in the harbor in Italy or in Barbados or Miami, in harbors all over the world will remain there for quite some time. That the tourist industry will suffer huge losses. It could also be that the whales, the dolphins, and other creatures living in the ocean are slowly taking back their natural living space. Dolphins have been seen in Italy’s ports again, and in Venice fish have been sighted swimming in the channels. It could be that people like you and me, staying indoors in their houses and apartments, feel like they are in a jail, imprisoned …. But it could also be that perhaps like me, you take out your guitar, play a song, and suddenly you start singing old forgotten songs. Yes, people might start singing again, which might lead to people start helping each other again and get a sense of community. That suddenly I am asking my neighbors how they are doing, do they need anything? Are they fine. People singing with each other just imagine that. It could be that due to the restrictions in air travel many people feel like their freedom has been taken or perhaps their career or business opportunity are lost. Their thought goes to the financial loss, or a opportunity that is now gone. Just look at the app flight radar, and you will see how few planes are in the sky, how airports feel like abandond buildings. The immediate goals, whether in running, in love, or in a career, they are just appetite quenchers. And a appetite can never be satisfied. So as our society slows down, let’s try to see it as the beginning of a new together, for one another. Seems to me the earth is showing us how quickly it can regenerate itself. If we give it time. It’s a wake-up call. We will manage this no doubt. Look forward hearing your thoughts and ideas. I hope and pray you my dear listener and your family are in good health. Take care of yourself, and use these days wisely, and be thankful for these precious moments. My name is Heiko, remember, take it easy.

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