Discouraged Runner || Runner giving up

Have you ever felt discouragement? Sure you have. And tell me once you start thinking and mulling in that state of mind. What usually comes out of that thinking and mulling things over process? Without knowing you I can answer that one. Usually negative thoughts. And little options, which lead to a confirmation that “it is hopeless”. And that’s what we can avoid. It is so important if you haven’t listened to anything else I said before, or someone asked you to listen to it…. And you are doing this as a favor, not because you are really interested in the topic…these are the important steps to take. 1.

Keep a success diary. Yes I know you are not 15 anymore. Doesn’t matter. Successful people have success diaries. 2.

Stick around positive thinkers and optimists. Especially if they irritate you. And avoid the negative mindset crowd at all costs. Why well because they have a problem for every solution, don’t they? Even when I told this story about my cramp, I have had people tell me about the possible horror scenarios. And really, I don’t want to know. 3.

Go back to the previous lesson, and work on your run mission statement. You did do that didn’t you? Or did you just listen to the show and didn’t react.. no of course you wrote some sentences down, good for you. 4.

And then a beautiful poem: Breath darling, this is just a chapter, It’s not your whole story. 5.

2 Corinthians 5:7 for we walk in faith, not by sight. Whow, that is such a inspirational verse. That alone is enough for me. Disappointment and discouragement is a normal part of life that everyone experiences. However, you do not have to feel discouraged in the face of setbacks. Developing a positive attitude, which takes time and reacting the way I described in the episode. So that when you face a challenge, can make you resistant to discouragement. See disappointment as an opportunity to recharge and refocus instead of a reason to feel bad. With some hard work and self awareness, you can foster a healthy, positive mentality

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