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Donkey Kong.

The game takes place over two screens. Mario starts at the bottom left of the bottom screen. The player must move right and dodge Donkey Kong’s barrels by pressing the jump button. Mario can jump over barrels only if no girder is above his head. Mario receives a point for jumping over a barrel on the first girder. The barrels become faster the more of them Mario jumps over in a single run. If Mario does not reach Donkey Kong quickly, then the barrels will move too fast for Mario to jump over. When Mario reaches the ladder, the player must press Up to climb to the second girder and move back to the left. When Mario climbs the next ladder, he will appear on the top screen. Once there, the player can press Left to activate the crane, then the player can move to the right, dodging more barrels, receiving two points for doing so on the second girder. After Mario activates the crane, its hook will swing left and right twice and then stop. If Mario does not reach the hook in time, he will need to reactivate the crane for another chance. When the crane hook swings all the way to the left, Mario can jump to grab it and cut one of the wires holding Donkey Kong’s girder, earning from 5 to 20 points depending on how fast he does the job. Mario will then return to the beginning of the level. When he cuts all four wires, he defeats Donkey Kong, awarding Mario 20 points. If a barrel hits Mario, if he jumps and hits a moving iron girder, or if he jumps and misses the crane hook, he gets a miss and returns to the starting point. If Mario gains 300 points without any misses, all points will be worth double until he does get a miss. If he has any misses at said score, he will earn an extra life instead. Mario can have up to three extra lives. The game ends when he loses all his lives. That’s where the drive comes from that’s where the hair are split. Right at that moment in time. Not many people like to step out of their comfort zone because they are scared of the outcome. Sometimes taking a risk can lead to a result that you weren’t expecting, and other times the anticipation is the worst of it. In addition, risk-taking isn’t for everyone; some individuals can’t afford to take a risk in certain situations.

Again, don’t let the negatives outweigh the positives when searching for a way to fix a problem. Undoubtedly, the trial-and-error method has its faults, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find a way around them at times. Additionally, it’s important to remember that not all situations only have one chance to be fixed, nor are they risky. Ultimately, it comes down to how you are using this method.

My name is Heiko, thanks for listening, God Bless you and remember, TAKE it EASYYYY


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