EBS for runners’. What’s EBS?

You know how they say (whoever “they” are) how you do one thing is how you do everything? Now if you are a evasive runner this show will be absolutely spot on for you. What you not sure what a evasive runner is…. ? Stay tuned, find out more.

excuses having runner… excuses haver, that is a new word. Yes, indeed the show where we help you become a better stronger and smarter runner. Thanks for joining me, yes it me your host Heiko…. The no edits show, I do this in one go, no editing, just one take, record it usually in my 30 year old Golf, up here on a hill where I have a inspirational view, and record straight into my iphone, then I upload it to my laptop add the intro music and up it goes to anchor.

What has this got to do with running? Well I am mentioning this to you because before I got started, I thought let me find out, what do I need to make a podcast. And let me tell you that is one huge rabbit hole. If you don’t watch out you will be reading entering forums, watching videos and never ever get started. Or if you do, you might end up with excellent, expensive recording equipment, but never get started, or get no listeners…. Except your spouse…. So I found that, the more I started reading or communicating with experienced podcaster the higher and higher the entry level got. Dragged me down…

You need this mike, this mixer, and definitely you need….

Hang on I thought this podcast is about me becoming a better runner…..I hear you say. Yes, I am getting there…. Hold on, this is supposed to be the buildup.

Listen I know the audio quality could be better if I use a sampler, and record it in a studio like environment… BUT I am recording it quick and easy, focusing on the content. Getting those experiences those coaching sessions those long run experiences into spoken words and sharing it.

It is the same with running… those that are stuck in the procrastination lane, or stuck in excuser having valley, or those not really excelling giving it their best.. lets call them the proforma runners.

See listen up…. If you would read, and follow all the free content the advice that is out there, in regard to running and you imagine how big that hurdle is to start to become a regular runner?

Just imagine if you are already struggling to get into the habit of running regularly. Of going for a run with ease, without spending 30 minutes 45 minutes doing anything that avoids you getting your running gear on and heading out. Then if you read how many miles you would need to run in what time, and how often, it is overwhelming.

Obviously its expert advice, pro runners say, Eliud Kipchoge does this so I mean what works for him, right?

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