Enough is Enough || Do You Run Enough?

Did you ever say ENOUGH is ENOUGH? As in .. this is it. If yes, how did you reach that conclusion? What factors did you consider before you uttered this statement?

How Much Running Is ‘Enough’? This Simple Thought Experiment Gives You an Exact Number to Aim For.

Have you ever read some article where some extremely determined runner that runs impressive mileage each week, bemoans their running performance, as though they need to run even more.

Its ridiculous that anyone could complain about running 50 or 100Km per week. Unless the runner doesn’t even realize how privilege he is, and out of touch with the normal middle of the pack runner.

But whilst those runners are perhaps a few select few, social media does have a pull effect that that drives many runners into a dissatisfied state of mind.

But how to snap out of it? Especially if you are in a running group where this pressure to run far has grown out of proportion.

The answer is simple. Comparison is the thief of all joy. Means, look at your status quo, and take a fresh look at your goals. So, how much running is enough?

The science of running and happiness.

The mileage will of course be different for everyone. Well, it’s obvious NOW as you read this. Naturally it all depends on your circumstances and health fitness level. Researchers are still in a debate as to what are limits, or at what mileage should there be a cutoff point.

There are some runners that run every day, be it a mile, or just half an hour. Here the risk of injury is quite low, as the focus is on daily movement rather than excessive distances. Other runners have run a marathon everyday for a whole year. Some runners still run high miles in their 60’s and 70’s.

Set your Goal.

One way to calculate your ideal mileage is by focusing on two factors. Time & Goal. How much time you are willing to invest in your running, and what your goal is.

Let’s presume you are a Park runner. You enjoy the community and the time and venue fits your schedule perfectly. What is the use to run every day if your aim is to achieve your personal best on a 5K distance?

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