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Today’s show is all about helping you to get started, to stop procrastinating, to overcome excuses and to really start on your journey of becoming a runner. Even the process of acquiring the habit is predictable: It starts as a cue (I will run each day at the same time), becomes routine (you don’t think twice about changing the time slot) and delivers a reward (look how awesome I am keeping to my schedule!). You’re hooked. Welcome to the club!

help to build strong bones, as it is a weight bearing exercise.

strengthen muscles.

improve cardiovascular fitness.

burn plenty of kilojoules.

help maintain a healthy weight.

SHOWNOTES: What does this mean for your running? Here some useful links. Your “how to do it” run streak Run 365 Days: Your 365 Day Run Streak Brain Training For Runners’: Your Mental Guide To Better Running. Improve your discipline Accountability Coach. Add swimming to your run Become a better swimmer. Follow us on INSTAGRAM. Follow us on TWITTER. Follow us on YouTube. More about your HOST. Train your BRAIN become a better runner.

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