Guess Your Next Run || Projecting a Future Scenario for Runners’ only

Now, as it usually happens… during the first 1 kilometer, (and maybe you can relate to this)… the whole setup in my mind changed. Like when you are in the movies… remember those… and you have been watching ad’s for what feels like hours… and then… finally… is this it ? Might this really be it… the start of the movie… Yes, that happened. Relief, because I had envisioned that feeling. I knew it was going to be that type of run. Not that type, but that running. Yes, that’s a better way to put it. I anticipated it would be that kind of a run. Exactly. Of course numerous factors come into play here…. It was hot, yellow rapeseed fields, intense blue sky… no wait make that it was very hot (for may) and by being focused on the whole setup the strides, the breathing… that made the whole run extremely intense and of course pleasurable…. But that was my run. What about yours? Listen… whatever you do…. you need to collect and store these types of memories (well that’s step two actually.) Step one is like when you enter a room, and your friends where just having a argument… and you can already imagine whats going to happen… That crime novel you know the person who did it is there RIGHT NOW, and you start guessing. Start doing that for your run. You need to realize that a great run in your perfect weather conditions… maybe you love running in the rain… or early morning whatever your “sweet spot” is… You need to be able to really pick up your state of mind, your thoughts, and observe what behavior this leads to. And what comes next is… again this is something you need to DO to experience any kind of effect. Just listening to it…this podcast… it is not going to help you … DO…. Take any sheet of paper you have right now… see often we think we need a black leather clad note pad. A old oak desk, with a view… a dim lit light, perfect setting… to write: Nooooo just grab any sheet of paper. Draw a horizontal line and vertical line through the middle. There you have 4 squares, correct. Well start top right… your strengths… running strengths… only got three points…? Come on… at least 5 ok… if you only have three come back to it later. Second square… weaknesses… write it… weaknesses… might be the moment of truth is a bit hard to grasp… but it shouldn’t be If the first thought that came to mind was… weak on trails. Write it down. SWOT Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats… Do click on the link below find out more about me www.heikostribl.com and for more running related content do check out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuoAaTiD4Dc2tMl5r3P09-g and take a free course on becoming a better runner… www.hypnorun.com A rating, a like, a share will be greatly appreciated, and will help other runners’ that are looking for such advice find this show. So please do share.

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