How often should I run? || How much running is too much?

How often should I run? It is one of THE most popular search queries. Actually, so may results it seems this is a endless topic … but you know what… it’s the wrong question to ask… here is why: Who is the show for? Before you waste your time…. well, there are some of you who listen to all kinds of podcasts, attend any workshop whether nutrition, or chi running… all of them those runners’ well you just want to learn learn learn. If you want to get into running and physically learn how to do a distance of 3 km of 5 km I would recommend you to download online tutorial but not necessarily this podcast, if you want to learn how many kilometers you need to do to run the comrades marathon I would recommend you to talk to Coach Perry he is official comrades marathon training ambassador. Yes I train athletes to run further, endurance coaching, and yes I’ve run the comrades successfully completed and got my back to back middle but, there are other people who specialize in this so I would recommend you to go there. I am not the guy who does from stretching to running barefoot running and strongman competitions too. I have one single specialty, that I have dedicated many years of my life to actually on a daily basis and that is mindset and attitude are generates and unleash power. If you want to learn how to become a better stronger and smarter and then you’ve come to the right spot because that’s what my message is all about. It’s crystal clear I focus on techniques that enable you to overcome limits you have set yourself. You’re welcome to schedule a free call but once we do that, you should only do that if you are really ready also to invest in an online training program. How exactly what is it exactly that I do? Develop mindset and attitude. No not like Tony Robbins, this is my content developed over years and it is for normal runners like yourself. Of course you can listen to a pro runner who just won the Western States, or Mo Faroh or any other great runner talk about mindfulness and mental techniques. But listen, they are pro runners. They have a slightly different schedule than you do. You have other commitments obligations, kids, work, bills to pay, travel, shopping, household, so what you want is someone who understands you and how this all restricts you in training and dedicating time is a major thing. And I can relate to that, the difficulty in making time, to head out for a run. And then making sure that the time spent running is dedicated to running with intention and doing whatever it says on your training plan. And that’s the bottom line. Many podcasts out there, many online courses, but this is what its about: mindset and attitude…… in this podcast it’s about having tools and using them. Now back to the original topic… phew I got a bit carried away there didn’t I…

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