How to crush the 400 meters || Run the track.

Ever read a book, or listened to a audiobook, a story: About those amazingly talented runners from Kenya, Ethiopia… and then some runner from Europe goes there to learn or discover their secret.

Is it the diet, the altitude, no hang on it must be the gens, or the desire to escape hardships… Ha ha… sorry to burst your bubble…. actually it is the same reason those Norwegian brothers are such great runners, or the British brothers excel at triathlon. The Norwegians, Henrik,FilipandJakob Ingebrigtsen,

And the British triathlete.. Jonathan and Alistair Brownlee.

Spoiler-alert… It is the attitude. Stop being caught in the chicken or egg scenario. The runners in Iten, they set their minds to become the best they can be. They realized their best is far more than they are currently doing and are not shy or scared to create a bigger vision for themselves. This vision then of course takes form, with a coach and training team that would help them get that expert advice they need to succeed on that top level. And of course the runners’ need to show progress.

And this “create a vision bigger than oneself”.. that can be scary. Actually, then you are doing it right. When was the last time you read do something that scares you and the last time you did.

Sidenote: maybe you didn’t pick up on it…buying the same wetsuit won’t make you swim as fast as Brownlee brother’s swim. Oblivious you say. Well, how come you think those shoes the Viking brothers wear will make you a better runner?

Now rather than setting a huge target, hey how about just plan to go to your local track. And start to run on it. Simple. The 400-meter circuit, a daunting place if you are not yet fond of it. Stick around to overcome your doubts, pet hates, dislikes, animosities, whatever it is that kept and keeps you away from the track. If there is no track near you.

I sincerely doubt it.

If not, if you really are not ready for the track… you can of course do a excellent online course. Let me sneak this one in…

However, that is what you can learn on our online learning program, a mindset that will empower you to not only dream of newer distances and improved times. It will give your running a new lifeline, and help you enter each training with a mentally powerful resourceful state. Made by runners for runners’, it is the only one of its kind. Over 3 hours of video training, all there for the price of a pair of running shoes.

And to make sure that you don’t just sit in front of your online course… because if you just read about running or brain training for that matter… well, it is like that bucket of paint that is in my cellar. If I don’t apply it there is not much use, now let us move to todays topic…. The 400 meters.

Heiko I thought this show was about going further. Why do you want to talk about such a short distance, because you my dear listener most probably don’t like that distance? Hey, you know what, it is not my favorite distance either, but there is some valuable lessons to be learnt.

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