Advanced Endurance Coaching the show where we want to help you grow your business to be the best coach you can be. To really make a change, so that your runners’ your athletes will be proud to say they are being trained by you. https://www.hypnorun.com Now, does it not seem logic that if a runner regularly stresses before a run, there might be techniques that can alleviate that situation? That there are numerous exercises that can be learnt to relax and calm the brain, and ensure that the stress level gets lowered. It’s nothing more than the person who is nervous because he or he has a job interview the next day, or has to speak in front of a large audience. There are proven techniques out there that once learnt, will help you reach a lower subject unit of distress (SUD), therefore ensure heartbeat and blood pressure remain low. How is that for a unique selling proposition for your business?

My name is Heiko thanks once again for tuning in, feel free to look at my videos on youtube, quality content, just search for advanced endurance coaching, or try one of my mind training programs developed for runners’ (obviously developed by runners’). It’s the one and only program that uses the RESET methodology scientifically proven techniques adapted for run training. Give us a visit at https://www.hypnorun.com Ok that’s it… and remember: no excuses, just go for a run…

Take it easy

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