If you are not improving, you are getting worse || Runners’ KAIZEN

Kaizen the Japanese term ”change for better” or “continuous improvement” that’s got to be one of the foremost things that comes to mind whilst running is it not? No far from it… although it should be, or shouldn’t it? Let’s find out, but first the intro…….

Yes, my name really is Heiko, and thank you for your support, thanks for choosing this podcast out of all those that you could be listening to. Well, it’s here where you get first rate content, that aims to be constructive, uplifting, and leaves you with something to think about.

What’s the most important thing you need not only in running but generally… just think about it, sometimes it would be easier, whichever valley you are going through or whichever hurdle you are facing not for them to go away, or just disappear… just imagine we could make problems, or people disappear… whow… definitely no podcast… HA! No jokes aside the best you can sometimes hope for is OPTIONS.

If you have options, Bob’s your uncle….

Why, well options… which will lead to a situation whereby you can take or make better decision. In regard to your running. Listen if you are facing some struggles with your running and we all do some time, I mean you got to admit that it’s not all easy going, there are moments where you have a difficult stretch, maybe it’s during a run, or what was meant to be a nice and easy slow run, but it turns into a suffer feast, or perhaps your particular struggle is with an injury that has been nagging at you for weeks already. It’s just not healing, and your running is not up to par.

And its during those struggles, during those difficult moments where having options to create new ideas, generate other thoughts are extremely important. New thoughts which IF THOUGHT correctly… LOL, let us say constructive thoughts will lead to resourcefulness. And that my dear fellow runner… That’s what this show is about, that what will make you that better runner.

That smarter runner, hey it is obvious is it not? But then why do we give so little attention to our mindset, to training our brain in regard to our running?

One of the reasons it is not so common is due to a lot of mainstream media I suppose. Look nothing against social media, if you enjoy it, and it relaxes you, ok. But if your phone time by far exceeds the time you spend with the ones most dear to you, or if you are telling me time is your reason for not training more, but your iPhone is constantly on empty, and boiling hot, you have liked every cat video in your playlist… ….something isn’t right. And this social media will influence numerous beliefs… here’s just two things that come to mind.. one lead you to compare yourself with others, or two, try to convince you of certain beliefs, which apparently will benefit you in any way.

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