Imagine you are injured…. you cannot run. A calamity… a disaster… a horror scenario… but wait before you sue such powerful words. What words will you then use for the COVID19 epidemic? What will you call that?

Hi, my name is Heiko, and welcome to the advanced endurance coaching podcast. The running show where we offer solutions to the age issue… ha ha… of training, practising, but if you are over 40 and run, you know it is bound to happen, you will get slower…. Someday. You simply cannot expect the same performance as when your body was younger and repaired itself faster.

Here is the truth, the more you focus on just running “your distance”, or going on “your long slow runs”, you will end up a long-distance slow runner. But actually that can, no it should be delayed at all costs, as your best run’s are still out there waiting for you. So why is this show called contentment? I thought it was all about just being satisfied, isn’t that what contentment actually means?

Share the podcast with others who you think might benefit from hearing this, ….and if you enjoyed the show I want to invite you to hit the subscribe button. And stay tuned to our channel ….for more mental resilience, mental strength, helping you to further grow and develop your self-leadership, and becoming the best runner you can be.

My name is Heiko, thanks for listening.

Take it easy.

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