Is it important to finish a marathon? || Finish a marathon

How many runners do you think completed a marathon in 2018?

2018 global marathon statistics

Finishers: 1,298,725

Average finish time: 4:29:53

Fastest countries: Switzerland (3:50h), the Netherlands (3:52h) & Spain (3:52h)

Slowest countries: the Philippines (5:25h), India (5:05h) & Mexico (4:53h)

31.92% female participation (68.08% male)

Most participants: USA (456,700), UK (97,254) & Germany (86,032).A DNF in running means DID NOT FINISH. Meaning the runner wasn’t able to finish the race. … A did not finish in running can happen in every race from a 5K to a full marathon. The highest percentage of runners not finishing a race is during a full marathon though.

In any given year, anywhere between 65 percent and 80 percent of runners get laid up with an injury. Poor footwear, inadequate core strength and overpronation are often to blame, but the most common culprit is overtraining…. so rather focus on enjoying the process.

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