It ain’t over till it’s over || Run through the finish line

Journey’s end, tape, finishing-line, goal, last stop, resting-place, stopping-place For many runners, crossing the finish line is first off a huge relief. And distance or time has nothing to do with it. Crossing the line of a marathon if it is one where you trained extremely hard for, or your first 5K, finally you managed to complete and succeed at couch to 5K, both events face same level of importance and deserve a thumbs up. Often, especially on a exhausting run…. you barely have the energy to lift our arms in celebration, much less do anything more energetic. Weeks of training, the relief, “made it”. Did it, yes it’s a relief. Whilst some are crossing the line slowly looking weary….

doesn’t mean it is not a special moment. I am sure in most of the brains crossing that finish line is an extremely emotional experience. Hopefully a positive one, although I have had my fair share of disappointing finish line crossings. Comrades, where I trained for a 9 hour finish, and didn’t reach it. Talk about disappointment. I couldn’t hide the fact that this is not what I trained for. Definitely not. But actually it was exactly crossing that finish line, Durban Moses Mabhida Stadium. I entered the stadium, and believe it or not, from afar, I managed to spot my eldest daughter. But I was over an hour behind my bragged about arrival time. Plus seeing that my watch … a neat GPS watch, I bought it especially for this race… well I hadn’t charged it, so it gave up on me basically at the start of the race… anyway, I saw her, and I pointed to het… see my watch… my time… I was so annoyed. Crossed the line and that exact moment is a blur. I honestly only remember finishing the run, and going straight to the showers. And you know what, I actually got two medals that day. One was the finisher medal and the other the back to back, seeing that….. one up and one down run. What a special moment… getting a back to back medal. Shouldn’t I have been savoring every second? Every moment? Those last meters in the stadium, who would have known that a pandemic would mean my next finish would be a long time off in the distance.When the gun fires you must concentrate for every second on the way to that finish line. You should know exactly how long it will take you to and think about every step of the race you are about to run. The finish line is not the finish line, it becomes the starting line of your next race. So the next time you are in your race, goal or project – focus on it, see it through and run through your finish line. My name is Heiko, thanks for listening, God Bless you and remember, TAKE it EASYYYY SHOWNOTES: What does this mean for your running? Here some useful links. Your “how to do it” run streak Run 365 Days: Your 365 Day Run Streak Brain Training For Runners’: Your Mental Guide To Better Running. Improve your discipline Accountability Coach. Add swimming to your run Become a better swimmer. Follow us on INSTAGRAM. Follow us on TWITTER. Follow us on YouTube. More about your HOST. Train your BRAIN become a better runner.

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