Make the DAYS count

Days count. How many do we have? I don’t know? But right now, at this moment in time… you have a choice to make them count. “Them?” the days.

Hi, my name is indeed Heiko, and you are listening to the Advanced Endurance Coaching podcast, the show where we keep it real. Real life running advice to develop your mental skills, your mindset helping you become a better and smarter runner. With over 35 years of running experience, a qualified hypnotherapist and a show where I don’t pretend to be the runner who knows it all or runs the hardest toughest races. No not at all. I want you to get a benefit and feel my passion for running that has only been possible with a constant development and training of the mind.

You are ok if we don’t pause for ads, yes? You don’t mind?

That’s great, I really don’t like ads, so let’s dive right in. Oh before I start, seeing that you like the show, and I should think you do.. it will grow on you give it some time.. don’t just judge after 2 or 3 shows… give it a try over some time, please do share it with other runners’ that you think might find it useful. And you know what, share it by actually telling them about it. No, not per text, or Facebook, or whatsapp.. now how about just telling them face to face, that is a great referral I would be appreciative of.

Share the podcast with others who you think might benefit from hearing this, ….and if you enjoyed the show I want to invite you to hit the subscribe button. And stay tuned to our channel ….for more mental resilience, mental strength, helping you to further grow and develop your self-leadership, and becoming the best runner you can be.

My name is Heiko, thanks for listening.

Take it easy.

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