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The show goes into techniques that runners are confronted with on a day to day basis. Might be the one or other show episode does resonate with you… that’s ok, but you wont walk away having wasted your time. Because its all about delivering high quality content. See I have not only been a runner for the past 35 years, having worked with athletes be it in the states, in Europe, people or let me say runners’ we sometimes have issues. OK, sounds weird. We sometimes get stuck. We don’t get the race results we trained for. We don’t participate in races. Or we get injured too often. Or we don’t progress. And a quick note…. Because sometimes I get a mail from a listener along the lines of justifying why NOT taking part in a race is “ok”. First off, it’s a free country. At least where I am living. Of course you don’t need to participate in a race. However, there are so many beneficial side effects of taking part in a official race. No not talking about a virtual run. A real race, where you are in a crowd, surrounded by others, feel that vibe, that sensation of being overtaken of overtaking, of sticking to a pacer, loosing sight of the pacer. You should listen to the previous shows where I go into the benefits of running a race. Don’t wont to repeat myself. Fact is measure of progress the overcoming of a fear, the spirit of competition will ensure you strive to obtain your best. And where or when in everyday life do you do that? Yeah exactly. OK back to todays topic. Hang on did you notice? We dove straight in, no ads, no recommendation for a yuck awful tasting sports drink? No ad for the best trail shoes ever? So that should be enough reason already to recommend the show. Do give it a share to someone who you thinks needs to hear this. Now to those worries you have about running a marathon. The top fears: ·

Marathon Fear #1: Not Finishing. ·

Marathon Fear #2: Deferment. ·

Marathon Fear #3: Coming in Last. ·

Marathon Fear #4: Getting Injured. ·

Marathon Fear #5: Bathroom Emergencies. ·

Marathon Fear #6: Getting Lost. ·

Marathon Fear #7: Bad Weather Conditions. Marathon Fear #8: Hitting the Wall.SHOWNOTES What does this mean for our running? Find out more, give it a listen. It will grow on you…. https://www.amazon.de/-/en/Heiko-Stribl/dp/B093RV4YTH/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=heiko+stribl+brain&qid=1630998885&sr=8-1 https://www.fiverr.com/share/AdwGgq https://hypnorun.com https://www.amazon.de/-/en/Heiko-Stribl-ebook/dp/B093YCFXLB/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=heiko+stribl&qid=1630998999&sr=8-4 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuoAaTiD4Dc2tMl5r3P09-g?view_as=subscriber https://www.instagram.com/advanced_endure https://twitter.com/combat_thoughts

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