My biggest run lesson || From BOLT

Actually the biggest run advice I found was when I was about 15. Never realized that this actually wasn’t discovered just for me, but Russian astronauts in the 70’s. How to get the oxygen into your body most efficiently to get that job done.

Running is very much a rhythmic exercise. Obvious, Heart, puls, steps… now this applies to regular runners and those that maybe just started running and might just be struggling with this.

Let’s first see what the text books teach us.

For low intensity a 3:3 breathing pattern. Means for every 3 strides you with inhale, and the next three strides are for exhaling.

Benefit right away is that it will ensure you realize hey, I don’t overspeed anymore, or outpace myself. Because it is a breathing pattern for low intensity, aerobic run.

Then as the pace is increased maybe a 2:2, which means more oxygen is inhaled more carbon dioxide expelled, for a slightly faster pace. Or for hard tempo effort.

If it is the end of a 5 K, or you just are heading down the applauding spectators of that marathon, lactose acid building up you are heading for the glamour girl or glamour boy marathon finisher photo… a 1:1 high intensity pattern. Hard and fast breathing.

Research has some different idea. 3:2 or a 2:1. For me this one make the most sense, your exhale is always on a different foot. Which CAN, it MIGHT lead to stress in one side of your body, obviously think about it.

Come to think of it, we are approaching this the wrong way, are we not? Well, if you use a 500ml plastic bottle water bottle, what I think that 17 ounces? And you just emptied it. If like me I enjoy crushing them a bit so whilst running they are easier to hold.

Now, if you want to fill that crushed bottled, you are not going to get 17 ounces back inside.

Well obviously, because it is crushed, the volume has ben decreased.

What has this got to do with breathing.

Gave you an image to remember not wasting your time.

If you are prone to not standing straight, walking and your back is NOT straight all the time, or perhaps you sit Infront of a laptop the whole day, chances are your body posture is a lot like that rushed bottle. Means that your lung volume is not going to allow that maximum volume to enter. Even F you bought those great new running socks, with a promise of more speed, or sorry was it those new shoes… LOL, sorry I have to add that. http://www.hypnorun.com

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