My friend…. and his neighbour

Why is it with us runners’ that we believe everything we think. I mean really is that thought you are just having true?

“I am so slow? He is fast? She runs everyday!”….. and what effect does this have on our running. Be it training or our races? So what exactly is going on here? what is happening inside your brain to make you think like that.

Research has proven and revealed, mental tools increase performance. Let me ask you, what thoughts do you have whilst running? What hindering or limiting belief’s do you have?

Let me invite you, to join me at hypnorun.com take a few moments to explore the range of mental tools that can be learnt in self-study courses. With over 4 hours of powerful content to ensure that whether you are a runner currently injured or perhaps wanting to develop consistency, here you will find the secrets no one wants to share. Step by step exercises that will ensure your runs are more satisfying and more fulfilling, because you can feel the improvements, and see it paying off on you finish time.

Find more tips like thison hypnorun.com or in our online mental running tool course. A course designed to give you mental strength, like how to build perseverance, tenacity. It is a in-depth 4 hour video course, along with a easy-to-read guide to understanding mental techniques for runners’ in depth. It comes, along with our R.E.S.E.T.® branded coaching certification.

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