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Mental Training for Runners’ Who is this for? What does it solve? Saubona, welcome to the Advanced Endurance Coaching podcast, where we don’t just talk about running, but offer solutions to you as a runner over 40, and to you as a run coach who might just be interested in starting or growing and developing your business.


This series is for runners’ over 40, run coaches, and only if you are interested in TRAINING YOUR BRAIN. Perhaps as a 40+ runner you have maybe asked yourselfs, are there new distances to be covered or faster times to be achieved? Or is this it? Is this all that it is with my running? Because that’s exactly where advanced endurance coaching helps you. You do not need to be a pro runner, or ultra-runner, most important for you I presume, you need to manage your run time between work, family, and other social obligations. Physio or massages are a luxury you get if injuries are persistent or if you got a gift voucher for your birthday. Other than that, your foam roller has become your personal masseur. But what’s this Sawubona… well it’s one of the most important parts in coaching. But actually, it’s a Zulu word which means “I see you”. Isn’t that what athletes want? To be seen, to be understood.

So if you are a run coach, how do you “see” your athletes? As a runner, how do you “see yourself”?Find more tips like this on hypno-running.com or in our online mental running tool course. A course designed to give you mental strength, like how to build perseverance, tenacity.

It is a in-depth 4 hour video course, along with a easy-to-read guide to understanding mental techniques for runners’ in depth. It comes, along with our R.E.S.E.T.® branded coaching certification. If you are ready to go after your coaching setup, send me a mail and when you are available for a free 30-minute call. Here we will discuss what it is you want to achieve, and where you want your business to grow Please just get in touch if you really are ready to grow and go after your coaching dream.

I mean you started with a dream in mind, how much longer are you going to blame others or circumstances on your limited growth? Advanced Endurance Coaching the show where we want to help you grow your business to be the best coach you can be. To really make a change, so that your runners’ your athletes will be proud to say they are being trained by you. My name is Heiko thanks once again for tuning in, feel free to look at my videos on youtube, quality content, just search for advanced endurance coaching, or try one of my mind training programs developed for runners’ (obviously developed by runners’). It’s the one and only program that uses the RESET methodology scientifically proven techniques adapted for run training. Ok that’s it… and remember: no excuses, just go for a run… Take it easy

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