Not enjoying your RUN || Unhappy @ running

Are you currently not enjoying running? Are you currently struggling to complete even the shortest distance? Have you lost the joy, the thrill of going out for a run? Do you dread looking at the training plan? If yes, today shows for you here at hypnorun.com we aim to make you a better stronger and smarter runner.

Who are we and how do we do that? Good question. As a trained endurance sports coach I’ve spent many years in aiming to build a motivational run program that enables you to make the changes to your attitude and therefore become the best runner you can be. Don’t worry, you don’t need to join a course or buy anything. Listening to this podcast and following its advice will already ensure that you are on the road to improvement.

For more information to check out my personal page at https://www.heikostribl.com. Being a runner for over 35 years, having specialised in numerous coaching skills using the best from neurolinguistic programming right down to eye-movement desensitisation or emotional freedom technique is, then enable you to hone in on your weak areas and transform them.

Running outdoors in nature… the quick fix.

Hong Kong or Toronto…. That skyline, impressive tall buildings, and perhaps it’s a nice afternoon, sunlight and the shadows, perhaps you even wonder what do all the people here actually do?

I must admit it, I like it… or correction I like visiting such cities, and perhaps running a marathon there, but I don’t need to live in s skyscraper.

Why this article caught my attention is of following. The human brain too years, centuries to evolve from processing the natural world to now process a urban jungle. And the main reason about it is the repetitive pattern.

And there is something that scientist call the Fourier component. Mathematician Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier showed that we can think of scenes as being made up of striped patterns, of different sizes, orientations and positions.

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