Not Yet || Wait for the curve

Running has to do with… patience… and achieving something you cannot YET do.

A “not yet” situation. How and what you think during the NOT YET situation is vital.

Have you ever said or thought any the following?

⦁ ‘This is impossible. Its too far.’

⦁ ‘My fitness level isn’t there cant do it.’

⦁ ‘Not working for me. I’ve tried everything!’

⦁ ‘Trying out ideas in this apodcast is a waste of time.’

If you have talked to yourself or others like that, definitely you have given in to a fixed mindset.

Studys have shown some of the participants fixed vs. growth mindset responded in a drastically different wayto challenges. Some saw the problem as a direct challenge to their intelligence bit more of a ego thing I guess. Which if there is no social support can lead to a desire to cheat the next time they were faced with a difficult problem during the race rather than facing failure and possible ridicule.

There have been many other studies studies and brain activity analysis, that conclude some people seem to have been programmed with a growth mindset.SHOWNOTES:

What does this mean for your running? Here some useful links.
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