Pessimist Runner || Running with pessimistic thoughts


You expect the worst in every situation. You know that the world isn’t all sunshine and daffodils, and that it’s best not to expect much from anyone. But that doesn’t meant that you don’t want to be happy! Instead, you just manage your expectations so that you can be pleasantly surprised when something positive does happen.

First off in my own humble opinion, I don’t think there is something like a real pessimistic runner. Because every runner I met who really runs, has some or other objective. What happens is that runners that had a certain goal, a dream even ad didn’t succeed, for whatever reason, become pessimistic once they have tried and failed again.

And I can understand that, nothing worse than having failed at a certain event of a certain race then you come back for another try, and this time you prefer better than last time and you feel ready and then you fail again.

And then along with perhaps some injury some lack of time you step back you analyze the whole situation and really does seem hopeless.

Which is not correct because there are many steps that you can undertake from changing your diet to finding more suitable training plans making more time available giving your run a different priority actually so many things even doing online course in mental training for example there’s so much that can be done to get you out of the current negative thoughts.

Maybe you know this…

Maybe you read or have you been told that this or that race is excellent. Is really one that belongs on your bucket list. Then along with some flashy YouTube videos, showing off smiling runners, Instagram posts that really are not just eye catching, they are excellent (how do they do that on those tiny screens, must take them ages…)

And the headline is something like out of Alice in Wonderland: something great will happen as long as you believe it is possible? From pop psychology books to self-improvement seminars and blogs, there’s a lot of hype surrounding the advantages of positive thinking. And there’s certainly some evidence behind it – suggests that being optimistic reaps a number of positive rewards, including better health and wellbeing.

But what about the runner who tends to see the glass as half empty rather than half full? Is being a pessimistic runner always such a bad thing? Actually, the latest research suggests that some forms of pessimism may have benefits.

What does this mean for our running? Find out more, give it a listen. It will grow on you….







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