Pyramid Run || Power Triangle

What do triangles have to do with running? Well they are a simple way to improve your running. So that no matter how your run was, that you have in your mind a powerful memory… you know where you built endurance, you are a proud runner, and you finished strong.

Now rather than just go on your run, how about changing that attitude. How about you take that 10K run and divide it into 3 x 3K. The last KM, not so relevant… or if you are into details, fine use 3,33 x 3. So you’ve divided your 10K into 3 equal parts.

And on the first leg, focus on your senses to find something positive about your run ascertain your current mood and feelings you are having. Relate it into no more than 2 word. Remember you have 3.333 KM to do it, so take your time it needs to be positive. Not a sentence, two words. For example: Well at least I went for a run. Be more specific, I am training. No that’s still not so positive, let’s go deeper. One word. Perhaps building endurance.

Remember it building endurance, because that’s what you are doing… you went out for a run, you are doing it. Like it or not. Now the second segment… the second part of your pyramid…. What are you doing. Actually it might be that you feel stronger, actually even proud that you are running. Half hour back you didn’t want to go, you did it. So find to positive words to explain your thoughts. Proud runner. Yes, good enough PROUD RUNER. I like that.

At 6KM mark…. Hey congratulations… you are a building endurance and are a proud runner, who is now in search of his or her power words for the last 3 KM of your training run. Again, dive inside your senses, what do you see, hear maybe smell… smell might be better in a forest or seaside than running through bumper to bumper traffic. Now, what positive thoughts come to mind? Perhaps you are so glad you did go out, and maybe you even have more power available than you assumed.

Next thing you realize… you still feeling good, actually you might even accelerate a bit… hey, this is going to be a strong finish.

There you have it… Strong Finish.

Now what’s the summary of your run?

Today, you built endurance, you are a proud runner, and you finished strong.

Romans 12Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

My name is Heiko, thanks for listening, God Bless you and remember, TAKE it EASYYYY


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