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The show is recorded in one go, no editing, no fancy studio brought to you by myself Heiko a certified run / endurance coach, along with some other degrees in matters related to personal growth. Hey did I mention I also ha the privilege of training swimmers, yes as a swim coach, and especially helped swimmers with achieving their goals of open water. Had the fortune to train many exceptional athletes and actually people from all walks of life, we shared the same likes. Running and swimming. Is there something better. Of course COVID meant the coaching came to a standstill, swimming pools where closed, run events cancelled, and that is where the idea of this podcast was born. And has since grown into a medium I absolutely enjoy. Listeners in over I think 50 countries… I don’t know how you find me… and this had led that I even got invited to speak in one of the first conferences after COVID, about motivation, and the role of attitude and process… whow cant believe what great effect this has had. And that’s what my aim is to give you hands on tools that you will be able to use and become a better runner.

See the main thing about any topic you want tot improve on is that you stay within those guardrails. And with guardrails I mean those barriers you know when you cross them… you are off track. And off track means, losing time, losing energy and a hard route to get back to where you where.

Example, you know that marathon date is coming up, and for a sub 3:00 hour marathon, it will take that dedication to do speed workouts although you hardly have time nor energy to even go out on a short slow run. Means if you don’t do the speed work outs, or settle for a slow run, or don’t run at all… any one of those choices take you over the guardrails. They throw you off track.

And that’s what this show is also meant to do, ensure that these couple of minutes, once a week remind you of staying on course, and help you doing what you should be doing in the first place.

In the field of sports psychology, that top level of performance, is a topic that needs to bee discussed regularly. What determines in which state of mind you are? What determines how you are currently thinking about a certain training session? These questions are very much related to you and your ultimate goa. It means that top athletes are usually completely engulfed in their training. In the competition they have no outside distractions. Fully focused. So it has to do with self confidence, Finding out what does give me a positive impact. What is it that positively influences me? What changes my current state of thinking.


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Train your BRAIN become a better runner.

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