Run and look back || Don’t look back runner?

In a race, looking back… that runner behind you… he knows…she knows… yes you are tired… … you ever had that… that some runner ahead of you – and maybe you are just like enjoying hanging on to him. His pace is good… and you are not in a hurry, you are not on the way to a podium finish… you know you are spot on with your time… Then suddenly the runner in front.. he turns around, and you catch a glimpse of a face, just for a split second… is it not amazing how our brains work. We see that face for an instant, but we know… yes, that runner is struggling. Some internal issues going on there. Tired, dehydrated, or cannot maintain the pace, and then you notice it…. I can pass this runner. I am definitely faster. Ah wait, first let me tell you what this podcast is all about. Especially if you are a first-time listener… thanks for your time. Here during these next 15 or 18 minutes let us dive into the world of the running brain. Yes, this is the show where we DON’T have any ads… sorry. uuuh you must be disappointed no 4 minutes of ads, and here is a word from our sponsors. Nor do I talk about running gear, nor do we talk about running gels, nor about training plans…. Here it is all about the mindset, to go far deeper than just Facebook post. A superficial inspirational quote which you enjoy reading but it doesn’t help you to get running if you have your excuses all stacked up. Nor will the -don’t ever give up- post help you when you are struggling up a hill. Do have a look at our site hypnorun.com you can find out more… but back to the show… Had this on a few occasions, once in a sprint triathlon… I clearly remember whilst getting out of transition, I was overtaken by well first I only saw a tattoo that said something. prince, and a purple triathlon shirt…. a young fit looking lady. Like in a narrow turn… wow I moved aside, obviously some age grouper… around a quite narrow turn she came by and we rubbed shoulders. Nothing serious, no one fell or stumbled, just a normal shuffle for position. Now I wasn’t sure whether she had just got of the bike as I did, or whether she was on lap two. She obviously had no issues changing from the bike to running, whilst I was still cursing the bike course…. Really the bike my worst discipline… anyway so the run got better, and then at 5KM I saw her a couple of runners ahead of me. Often at these events some triathletes they slow down on the run so I usually overtake some… and I wanted to stick to this runner… cause I knew she was strong. Thought with her pace I don’t need to think so much, just stick with her and I should make my time. Just to setup the scene for you. It’s a hot day, the swim for me was great, cycle aweful and now I am on a narrow path somewhere middle of the pack. And the whole run track is mixed up. You can’t tell who is on lap one or who is on lap two. Runners heading towards you, just separated by a cone… so it is a excited race environment. Oh, did I mention it was hot, so hot you felt the tarmac radiate the heat. If you want to learn more brain training related tools especially designed for runners… come on have a look at hypnorun.com, you can go back to your cell phone addiction and scroll scroll scroll ha.. just kidding. No not about the hypnorun.com part. Making you a better stronger and smarter runner. God bless my name is Heiko, and remember… take it easy.

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