Run Forrest Run || Run to your best form

That’s from the movie Forrest Gump, when Forrest (played by Tom Hanks) runs in scene after scene after scene. I didn’t realize it, but the producers where conveying a message, of the running craze that spread across the us in the 1970s.

Running statistics…Since then, running has captured the attention of millions of Americans. Thousands of road races and marathons occur each year, and running is the sixth most popular exercise in the United States.

Surprisingly the statistics show that the tendency is to decline from a start of just under 2 mil in 2000, Peaks in 2016 with 10 million just recreational runners.

Amazing for something that goes back to Ten thousands of years ago, hunter-gatherers like the Tarahumara Indians in Mexico, ran 15-75 miles a day on the hunt. African Bushemen chasing down a gazzle…. To normal every day middle of the pack runners aspiring to do a run challenge, or set a personal best, or hey run the 5K park run right up to marathon

Which brings us to YOU:

Welcome runner… tell me how are you currently doing? I am asking with the intention of understanding. So answer yourself without harsh words, or funny belittling remarks.

You, today, this moment in time.. year is almost over. With regard to your running of course.

What is your summary. Perhaps you where plagued by injury. I hope not. But you know it happens sometimes and maybe the injury took a long time to heal, rehabilitations… but surely you managed to squeeze in some runs before or of late.

Maybe you had the year 2020 planned out with different venues and races you wanted to participate in. Or achieve a best time.

Did it work out for you? Or are you full of regret?…. Speaking of regret…

I was supposed to go and join my good Friend Morten and run a marathon in Spain with him. Picture this I am the organizer, daughter will come along, we all meet in the lovely seaside town of Tarragona eat, run and enjoy.

Well I couldn’t do the trip actually. I came down with I don’t know what… I remember I felt awful and couldn’t attend the race. Very disturbed I couldn’t do that.

Hey maybe your last race didn’t end the way you expected it to. And you sat there the rest of the days pondering as to what might have been, how it could have changed.

But again lighten up. You know not every year is linked with some or other great success. Especially the COVID year. Maybe you managed to lower your avg mileage and got some much required rest time. All good… except… if whilst pondering your year you realized, definitely not a trace of Forest Gump inside your run story. Not even a hint of running to the end of town.

Is it because… perhaps maybe … you where continuously struggling?

Struggling to get out of the house? Or struggling to run the distance. Struggling to put in a effort. Struggling to test yourself.

What I mean is… Are the distances getting shorter, the run times too?

Or maybe your run calendar entries have a lot of blank spaces in between them no matter how close you look you cannot explain or reason that this was some or other plan.

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