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Is sitting in front of the computer supplemented by sitting Infront of the laptop? Are you eating healthy, correct? You know you should. But maybe you are struggling. http://www.hypnrun.com

What about those apps on your phone? The apps, that are supposedly going make you become a champion. OK I am being cynical. No champion born behind a phone.

The questions are meant to identify how you are doing. What level of potential can you access, what type of run can be currently expected of yourself?

Development of self-esteem, self-worth. The effects that a full development and influence on your adult life. Youth develop own identity. This is not so easy, you are becoming a man or woman, difficult and nice time because a lot is happening.

And here there is a crossroad, strong or weak self-image.

If those runners you associate with, give you that feeling of not being good enough, you take on those doubts. And that then feeds off negative beliefs. Something you heard, as an adult you remember it. And then you accept that what was said, as your own.

There are ways to overcome this limbic wave for example, but that’s jumping ahead of myself.

Some runners progress in different ways, they have allowed their belief and confidence to be shattered, just that feeling of not being able to reach a proper time.

All other runners they look fitter, appear to run faster. Click here http://www.hypnorun.com

Well if this sounds familiar… how about today start a new route, start by training the brain, and taking a closer look…

Self-confident people what do you think that means. Strong, quick to respond. Clear, can get his way? And yes, self-confident people tend to be attracted to each other. Yes, to others they might appear arrogant, but that’s not healthy then is it.

All it means is accepting the way you are. You don’t need to post your finish time, you can be a quiet type but be that runner who stands up for himself.

Especially those runners that don’t have such standing sometimes they like to be put in the spotlight as though there is something wrong with them.

Not having self-confidence can lead to having a difficult run performance.

Especially those that have low self-confidence like to try to lower others. Maybe you know this from a job, a career.

And ever so often the question arises: is it me? Ask yourself that in a different tone.

It is not you. The other person has an issue. Because actually he or she is insecure. Seeing this, realizing this, is a big moment.

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