Runners’ Body || How do you view your Body?

As a runners you know as the distance and pace goals grows, you need to be prepared to expect the unexpected. And that is where Mental toughness helps you are a runners‘ to excel, if you know how to use mental techniques. But and this is a interesting fact, what may be less known is that mental toughness also helps runners‘ avoid long time recovery from injury and successfully return to the sport once the body is healed. With is down to, a much clearer headspace, with clear direction of thought and the muscle memory being in a resourceful state. While modern medicine can be somewhat leery of the power of positive thinking, as it is not quantifiable; but this is more than just positive thinking. What I am talking about are tools, scientifically proven methods that we will go into during the upcoming shows. See without trying to belittle it, but just positive thinking… you tend to fall into a slump after a while. Because reality strikes and all of a sudden life isn’t just great anymore. There’s no doubt that qualitatively, healing from a sports injury is sped up and promoted by a positive outlook and the usage of techniques. So yes, our sport is definitely mostly mental. And as I like to say, what will being moody negative get you? More negativity. That’s all. Basically there are four elements of mental toughness needed to keep the synergy alive in the mental, physical and emotional aspects of running: Those four are 1.

Flexibility 2.

Responsiveness 3.

Strength 4.

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