Runners’ Mission || What do I need a Mission Statement for?

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Summer is in full swing here… what a great season… this is the #noexcuses season, isn’t it? But if you had good, maybe EXCELLENT excuses in Winter, I suppose you have good ones in Summer too. Ok, those of you that live up north… I agree not running whilst a blizzard is on… I fully understand that… of course there is the treadmill…. Oh hang on I read this on twitter hate when I’m running on the treadmill for half an hour and look down to see it’s been 4 minutes.

I think I spent perhaps no more than 2 winters where I ran on treadmills. Too much ICE on the pavements, high risk of injury and that really sums up my running experience. Perhaps even worse, felt like an hour and I had hardly covered a kilometer… lol

As a runner, you spend a lot of time well, running. It’s normal that there will be times you are ready to go full of enthusiasm. And other days where… something is there.. something is holding you back.Crafting a “personal running mission statement” is a great way to capture your intentions in a succinct manner. This statement is centered specifically on your running practice, and it can inspire and energize you by emphasizing a process-focused attitude towards training.

Some mission statements will be a single sentence, while others may be as long as a paragraph. As you work to come up with this statement, reflect on the following questions and try listing the reasons you run.

  • What is it about running that I’m drawn to?
  • What do I hope to gain from running?
  • What are my strengths as a runner?
  • How does my running contribute to the greater good of my life, family and the world around me?
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