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Welcome to the Advanced Endurance Coaching podcast here this show is for you, the daily runner. Your benefit: 

Improve self –  awareness/-  worth/-  confidence

It’s to you that I want to appeal to you, yes you, life is too short to just go on a couple of runs. Or just running for a while same pace same place same old…Here we talk about –  developing a strong and helpful attitude-  building mental stamina-  your goal setting-  your tenacity

“Based on WHAT? Who are you?”. Fair question, good question actually. It’s based in principles that Jesus taught. Why are Christian values important?A value or ethic is a principle or standard about what is important in one’s life. Therefore, Christian values are the principles that a follower of Jesus Christ holds as important—the principles of life that Jesus taught. Whatever situation you’re currently facing, whether you are injured, perhaps even feel depressed because you haven’t been able to go for a run for so long, or you are just feeling demotivated, there seems to be no enthusiasm or drive even thinking to go for a run.

We all have this sometime. Sort of like writes block but for runners’. And then the alternatives to running they just grow in size. They just become bigger and better. What THEY, well the reasons for not going.

The logic for not going reveals itself so clearly that it’s a surprise you ever managed to go for a run in the past. LOL. Skipping Tuesdays run, sloppy Thursday, and what supposed to be a long Saturday run turns into a short obligatory outing. And next thing fitness is slipping, enthusiasm is gradually diminishing. Obviously, the harder it gets, the higher the resistance is, and if you have lacked motivation before good luck finding it in those excuses.

This can an happen to anyone, no matter how skilled or experienced they might be.

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