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Let me guess, when you are going for your run…. you think of… the distance, how far you want to go. Then next you think of the time, is it not? Hey come on, its what most runners’ will think about. But what about intensity?

Welcome to the advanced endurance coaching podcast. What do we do here… come on, if you are a first time listener…. You need to listen to a few of the previous shows, because it takes a while to grow on you… lol… and you, the regular listener: thank you, for your support. Listeners in no, not 30 nope nor 35… 40 countries. Whow, really thanks for your support. Honestly how does this internet thing work… ?

Is it the fact that there are no ads? No “a quick note from my sponsors?”… maybe because there’s no swearing and useless rambling?

You know on a longer run, I might enjoy listening to a podcast. But so much out there is just not… not interesting. A lot of it is about me me me…. Or lining up to some or other comparison which leads a lot of runners to suffer from the comparison trap. Yu should check out the podcast episode 15 run your way to contentment… I did a whole show on that comparison trap, how it will suck the living daylight out of you.

Hey, so that’s why if you want high quality advice, and get some inspiration to ensure you stay on track. ….. That’s what it is all about staying on track, isn’t it?

That a different summary for perseverance.

Here at the advanced endurance podcast, it is about that most important part of your whole being as a runner. That most important muscle, that most priced tool you have…

Your brain.

New listeners do stay tuned, even if you are disappointed that I didn’t mention a new pair of runner’s sock, runners shoes, or runners gel. Wouldn’t it be great if those things really made you faster?

What makes you faster? Other than obviously training according to a plan, adhering to it with diligence? How about training your brain… you should visit our site hypnorun.com the only training guide that is made by runners’ for runners’ as it says in the intro… better stronger smarter…

BUT… Nor the show nor the course for that matter will lead you to become a master runner if you haven’t been running and training improving and competing the past few years, listening to the show won’t make any difference. Nothing.

Well JUST listening won’t make a difference anyway, you need to use what you learn, apply it. And if you haven’t invested a lot in the last few years, how do you expect to suddenly do a sub 50 10K (if up to now you never ran faster than say 70 minutes) Where is that improvement supposed to come from? Why do I get such e-mails?

Whaaats up I thought this was supposed to be motivational? LOL, hey if you want to waste your time, and money, you need to go somewhere else. Somewhere they promise you that all you need to do is dream… visualize it.

Hey, of course visualization is an important technique, in a certain given context. Yes at hypnorun we use it too…but part of a training module. But as a standalone, fueling hopes and dreams that cannot come true… because you have been…say…. lazy for too long, or you have been a “full of excuses runner” for too long.

Sometimes it is what it is. The best time to start improving… was yesterday. That best ever 5K… that was last year… That sub 3:00 hour marathon, too many missed training cycles. Too many missed strength training workouts. It is not going to happen.

If that is you, your current situation…. Here are some steps forward.

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