Running and Pull ups || 5K World Record

Running doing Pull ups and a 5K record

What was the world record for 5K in 1900? Yes, in 1900… in case you missed it, the world record is 12:35, by Ugandan athlete Joshua Cheptegei… back to the question… the year 1900, what was the record? 16:30 by Charles Bennet. How this adds up to pulls for runners’, stay tuned a good show coming up…. But first here is the intro.

Yes, that’s right the show where you learn more about scientifically proven methods that will help you get your mind wrapped around mental improvements.

How to build perseverance, how to get more resilient, hey even how to set your running ambition.

Doesn’t matter if you are an experienced runner or a beginner. What’s important is that you have experienced IT.

IT… no not as in the 1986 horror novel by Stephen King… with IT I mean that moment in time where you understood perhaps in a disappointing moment that your body was willing and able, BUT your mind was not.

You trained, you put in the effort, you even felt your progress as your times got better and your distances got longer.

But then suddenly, that one moment in time… it is in your head, something happened. That made you either slow down, stop, or worse just give up.

Or perhaps up until now you never asked yourself what you are really capable of. You don’t think of your running as something that progresses, you just run, but don’t consider improving:

That’s what this show, actually the whole concept is about….

Improvements to help you become a better, stronger and smarter runner…. Just a quick podcast usually I try to keep it under 20 minutes, that will give you a brief summary of steps, processes to get more out of your running, especially for the runner going closer to 40 or 50, hey that is an age where your best running is still out there, waiting for you.

In case you are a new listener, guess what… there are no 5 minute ads for some apparent miracle cure soft drink, or socks that apparently will benefit you greatly. I mention the socks because somehow the algorithm of Instagram seems to think I only have socks with holes in them… for the record I don’t. But they keep on recommending me socks in the most seriously professional made ad. With goosebump moment cinematography…

Honestly socks, that’s the cure? The right socks are THE solution that get 1.ooo of clicks and likes? Whow. Really? No of course not, and if you are someone who finds himself dreaming of running sometimes, and of looking at a trail thinking “whow” I wonder where that leads to… yes… definitely stay tuned, you might just find more food for thought in the next few minutes rather than thinking about your socks.

Who am I? Thanks for asking, well let’s start off with I am a passionate, endurance coach and motivational trainer, whose live revolves around running, work, based on the Christian faith, paying bills, raising kids and making time to teach runners’ mind techniques usually in real life works shops… but seeing that COVID 19 doesn’t want us to meet personally anymore there is no offer I can send you to.

Monaco 5K WR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b01dG9v9LCY

It is worth a look.


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