Running basics’ || The fundamentals of running

Mental Strategies for the long run. Mental benefits of training. Run resilience. Brain Training for runners’. This is the place if you are interested in developing your skill as a runner. Going further, or faster, or just running better. You know this, its not the compression socks, its not the gel, its your attitude. So join us for a no-ads podcast, made for runners’ by a long time, and long distance run coach.

Neil Armstrong… First man on the moon was a test pilot. And already before he went into space pushing the envelope exploring the limits of what a experimental aircraft could or could not do. And his other famous words where.. .when asked by a persistent reporter where: just like the drill. Just like the drill. So he referred to the BASIC drills he had learnt.

Now to you my dear listener. What are your basics? Where do you go to if you need to “dig deep”, or what do you look for when you need to “unleash extra courage”. Exactly the basics.

And if you have drilled into yourself basics. Basics that fit like your favorite pair of running shoes, that’s when you have a back up that guides you through uncertainty. That gives you courage to run the extra mile.

If you haven’t got them, the basics that is… or if you want to perhaps reorganise reevaluate them, then you have come to the right place.











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