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Today we talk about EXPECTATIONS. You know that thought, that idea you had of what will happen once you cross the finish line and get that finish time, the medal, the t-shirt, hey all the thoughts that made you start in the first place.

Yes, Heiko is my name. Thank you for joining me today and of course you have some expectations.. we all do. Every day. Expectations of how the day at work goes, expectations of how the day at home goes…. Even expectations of this show don’t you? I don’t know about the rest of your day, but I do know that techniques I talk about on this show will help you develop a even stronger mindset, a attitude that gets you through the tough times. When training is the last thin g on your mind. You know those days where running is like the last thing you ever want to do. Or those days where you are still recovering from a setback, a DNF, or a injury.

Did that DNF perhgaps lead to negative feelings, such as failure, guilt, disappointment, resentment, frustration, and sadness. These types of negative feelings… they need to be avoided.

At the end of the day, its attitude that matters and defines you as a runner. To be unwavering, to be dedicted to your running. To be resolute….

See, these thought patterns they are connected. Very much so, they effect each other, and of course, seeing that this is all going on in your brain… effect the way you approach your running. Anexpectationis a prediction or a statement of preference about something in the future. Anattitudeis our current feelings about a thing. And the current state determines where you will end up. The thoughts you think now, the words you say, the things you actually do determine where you will end up. Expectations are what we think will happen, while reality is what actually transpires. While we hope these two will match up, they often don’t. This disparity of expectations vs. reality can often lead to feelings of discontentment and unhappiness.

Some of you might be obsessed with a certain time. You “have to” just in order to avoid disappointment, perhaps so you don’t feel like a fraud. Usually what happens is, that either THAT specific run time is met, but the fall that comes thereafter is steep. Means the running thereafter isn’t the same anymore. Enthusiasm and motivation are usually then at a all time low. For some, this is where you become the “used to be a runner”. Ouch!SHOWNOTES:

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