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Napoleon Hill’s QQMA Formula (quality quantity plus mental attitude) states this: “The quality of service you render plus the quantity of service your render plus the mental attitude in which you render service determines the space you occupy in your chosen calling and the compensation you get from your services.” If you want great nutritional advice, … ha this is not the place…. I would recommend you go to Scott Jurek, buy one if his books, all vegan… and hey he knows his stuff, won the Spartahlon 3 consecutives times he won the western states… or Brendan Brazier another famous Vegan triathlete… always go to the experts who have a proven track record…. If you want to learn how many kilometres, miles, months, weeks and times you need to train to run the Comrades Marathon, I would recommend you talk to Coach Perry, Official Comrades Marathon Coach. Side note… If you haven’t heard of the Comrades marathon… ok you should go to my YouTube channel where I posted a long and no not boring video, but it lacks fancy animations … its not cool but if you watch it, listen to it you will know enough to say, hmm this 89KM race in my home country south Africa… is something that deserves to be on your bucket list. Now.. who should listen? Well those of you… who want, or to put it differently…. if you want practical usable advice you know something that will fit you as a runner definitely closer to 40 than 30….

who still needs to pay bills, take care of family kids. Then you have come to the right place… it is here on this show where we talk about everything related to mental attitudes, how to get clear focus, how to build mental endurance. As it says, helping you become a better stronger and smarter runner, it all starts in your brain. You need to get that thought that idea into a clear picture that’s what gets you out of the front door. Or the lack thereof is what keeps you on that sofa… with your two best friends perhaps, Ben and Jerry. However, if you are struggling with the basics, you know the little issues… perhaps the discipline to run regularly, or train with more diligence. Perhaps your running is same old same old… your route is the same, your pace… not really progressing… And now you think… how do I overcome this gap. Its obviously something inside of me… I mean you want to become a better stronger and smarter Runner, don’t you? Well then…. then you have come to the right spot because this podcast, this whole concept…the message is crystal clear. Here we focus on techniques that enable you to overcome the limits you might have set yourself. To show you, yes, it is possible to overcome limiting beliefs, and yes, there is more to matters of the mind than “I am always positive”. No, you are not, and secondly that statement right there will ensure you come crushing down like a ton of bricks when you realize, it’s not all positive. Nothing grows or progresses in the positive, take rain and sunshine, takes challenges, uphill and downhills to progress… and at each stage of your live a different level. So, lets get back to QQMA…. Do you want to be ordinary? NO way… definitely not. I mean seriously who wants to be ordinary. Creature of habit… ? Well then you should not do the same run routine every day. Avoid running the same distance. You need to start doing things differently. With a focus on… and here it comes… the actual usable tools I mentioned earlier… quality quantity and a mental attitude that ensures you do more

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