Running in the New Year || Your next year to Run

This year is over. Finished. What is done is done. And now tell me… if you looking back on your running, do you have more excuses “not to run” than “actual runs completed” on your STRAVA, let’s change that for the new year…. stay tuned, this is the place where you will get setup to make it your best running year yet, but first the intro. Yes Heiko is my name spelt h-e-i-k-o, German name, grew up in South Africa as you can tell from my accent…. Just a kid from 34 Lampet street in the Willows, who realized at some stage that he really enjoys running, and somehow 35 years later… I can look back at a encouraging run history, coached some great runners, plus a couple of books that I sold, -not only wrote- LOL there is a difference… built a registered brand to help runners shape up and train their mental side of their sport. Plus of course created a really powerful online course at hypnorun.com to ensure you become a better, stronger and smarter runner. Yes, do check it out on hypnorun.com, there is no risk you can check it out, but I suggest you only do it if you are serious about improving your mental side of running. If you want nutritional advice, or are expecting some training plans, then please don’t sign up. Otherwise, you will want your money back, then I have to go into the system, open a credit… think before signing up. Because this program it is really going to have you invest time and energy into changing thought patterns, basically to help you unleash your run potential, that maybe you have already thought you don’t posses anymore. Hey, especially if you are heading towards 40 and are starting to convince yourself your best running days are over. Nonsense. They are not. They are ahead of you. And you know here at this show (well if you are a regular listener) that here we look forward not back. Ok, perhaps for todays show we did it, right in the beginning. But not as in hours of reflection. Just to sum up the year. Lessons learnt so to speak, or to come to the realization that -could’ve done more- or – should’ve done more-. Ok, that is hypnorun.com have a look, read through it… yes sorry contrary to sites that explain everything in 1 minute… yeah right, here you need to spend some time reading the contents. LOL. And hey, look you don’t need to honestly. If this doesn’t strike a chord with you, you can still enjoy the podcast…. and that by the way is the only ad you will ever hear on this show. Yes, we dive straight in no 2 minutes of supposedly best running socks, or supplements which really do wonders. No here at ‘advanced endurance coaching’ we, and with we I mean all those runners that I have had the pleasure of training in our workshops… have experienced that improvement when you have changed your mindset… but hey that was all before the world got crazy and COVID stopped life as we knew it.

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