Running in the USA – Where to find best places to run

Should you be using a running map to find the best tracks near you? What kind of a question is that anyway? What does it have to do with finding the best places to run?

And what does this have to do with this podcast? Stay tuned and find out but first the intro.

Yes it is me your host Heiko, coming to you from my Podcast mobile in case you are a first time listener feel free to check out the podcasting studio on google you can just enter my name, Heiko Stribl or just enter advanced_endurance and there is one video where I briefly show of the 30 year old Golf, which serves perfectly fine as a podcast studio, thank you very much.

For those of you that are regular listeners, a big thank you for choosing this podcast. So many different podcasts to choose from but somehow you decided to come back for more, I appreciate it. Listeners in over 30 countries… seeing that there are a lot of listeners in the us…

Today I wanted to let you know of my running experience in the US. Which I must admit has been some of my best running. Traveling there and exploring the well few cities I have been to really gave me a big insight into the attitude and the minset towards running.

These days…. Living outside the US means that I have to rely on information from family and media, as to what is happening, how is the situation during these COVID 19 days. A lot of events are cancelled, and travel isn’t so easy as it was before.

No don’t worry we are not talking politics nor COVID, we are getting to the running part. I was fortunate to have been to the US often during the past 10 years, heck even longer. And I got to visit some really interesting states and cities, plus explore them whilst running. You can imagine it, if you are on a work trip, conducting or attending a seminar, there is not a lot of free time. Sometimes you have to rush from one airport to the other, or once you arrive it’s a hectic program to get as much done as possible.

Whether its preparing for a seminar or holding a workshop, always some unforeseen organizational issue comes up, and … actually, the hours of travel, waiting in line for immigrations, waiting for the car rental (why is it I always choose the rental company with the longest que), hey, just mentioning this is making me tired. I can understand if after all that traveling plus different time zones you just want to get some sleep. But that is why…. That’s why you need to make your run a priority. And one of the things I always do is, upon arrival I go for a run.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? “Just do it”. Check into your hotel. Go upstairs, get your running gear on and head out for a run. There done. Simple.

Well apparently, it is not that simple. Why not….?…. if you look at the number of articles blogs regarding the best running track near you: Or the best place to run. Seems like it is quite a mission, and it is built up or a hype is made out of it that you definitely do need some kind of advanced planning tool to be able to go for a run. And believe it or not, when talking to runners’ the single biggest excuse I have come across is that their training schedule gets messed up, during travels. No, this is not some official statistic conducted by the Havard University, it is simply something I hear a lot when I asked “so why didn’t you train?”

“Well Heiko, I was traveling, you know what its like…”

Yes, I know arriving in a new city can be a bit intimidating to some of us. If you are someone who doesn’t like travel, plus staying in a hotel and then you want to keep your run schedule up to date. This can be challenging. Depending on where your hotel is located, you don’t know what is the best route to take, you might be in a different climate, time zone, weather… uuf so many reasons not to run. Ha, but remember #noexcuses…

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