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http://www.hypnorun.com Activating your potential. Yes, this is something we talk about a lot, often actually. And it is something that I discover again and again in working with runners. How much potential there is hidden inside of people. The source of power, subconscious. Of course, this is not selective because the runners’ that come to me for a coaching obviously have some or other issue or concern.

There is something they are not happy about, be it their endurance, or their perseverance. Something they want to change.

Most of the time they have a vague idea, but often they cannot put their finger on it. They haven’t figured out what is holding them back or blocking them, but they realize they need to change.

And yes, one of the tools is visualization. And there are two way of doing this. Let me give you a bit of insight. By writing on a flipchart the thoughts the runner has expressed. The ideas they have or answers to questions, and of course to the main problem area they have.

Means they are sitting there and see what is being written down.

A lot of it is intuition based, but it always ends up being applicable.

It is always fascinating discovering or putting those pieces together and seeing the reaction of a runner who suddenly realizes… whow this is what I can actually accomplish. He or she sees discovers a red line. A route, for me a coach trained in this process I can see it a lot earlier, I think it has to do with having dealt with so many runners from different backgrounds over the years.

What I write down is only the reply. And through this process the runner suddenly sees becomes aware what is actually inside of him.

What he can use, what connections there are, and this is very exciting.

The second part of the visualization exercise is done by using methods that dive into the subconscious. It can be that certain images are revealed, that enable the client to see his solution or his future accomplishment. Or can identify where exactly that limiting belief is hiding. And usually if the client comes back the second time, he will play through a sequence of events the way he wants the race or the event to happen.

I remember when I was a kid, I need to share this with you. Imagine, growing up in South Africa Golf crazy country and Gary Player at his best…. But also other great players came to participate in for example the million dollar tournament. Yes, I know the podcast is about running, not Golf. But I am getting there, wait.

And I remember Seve Ballisteros, 1983… he won that tournament. Impressive 14 under par, and he came back to win it in 1984 again. Finishing 9 under par.

http://www.hypnorun.com. And that is when I heard for the first time someone and a professional at that using a mental technique.

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