Running sucks || Running isn’t fun

There’s a myth that being a runner-a “real” runner-means weeks bookmarked by long runs and a collection of race medals. That your second home is a trail, and your life should be dictated by the delicate balance between your training schedule nutrition, stretching and running gear. I personally don’t believe you have to run a certain number of races to consider yourself a runner, or that you even need to have a marathon goal in mind. I’m officially aboard the “just run for your health” train, and once I teach this to runners it changed their relationship with running for the better. I find that people once they guessed I am into running like talking about running. Friends, acquaintances,– they usuallyalways want to know how far, how often. But every now and then I come across somebody who tells me that they used to run but they quit because they stopped enjoying it. And that makes me a bit well… even sad. Because usually there is nothing to replace that. If I continue the talk, not even stamps or gardening. “Stopped enjoying it, how does that work?!” I admit, sometimes that’s my first thought. But often when I hear their story, I can relate to what they’re talking about. Sometimes RUNNING isn’t fun I haven’t enjoyed every single one of the kilometers or races I’ve run over the years. I know what it’s like to be injured, to be out of shape, to be way off pace, even how or what its like to feel frustrated…. but…

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