Running up that Hill.

What’s keeping you from reaching your top potential for runners’, run coaches, triathlon coaches, and those with a passion for running. Hey… it is another advanced endurance show… are you ready for –

THAT running advice which will actually make a difference? –

That content that you will recall during your difficult or best run moments? If yes, then you have come to the right place. If on the other hand you expected some low level motivation, hey “never give up”-kinda stuff, you are mistaken. It is here we.. we use scientifically proven methods, adapted for runners’. A big thank you for choosing todays podcast, thanks for your continued support. Oh did I actually mention that this content is all registered under the RESET Brand. Reorganization of emotional systems into effective transformation… wow… but let’s get going with the podcast. Which is a bit like a buffet… a all you can eat and all you like to eat.. It’s the sight that many runners’ dread, it is your perfect day for running, you are feeling excellent, wearing your favorite running gear, good pace not too fast, not too slow either… as you come around a corner and there it is:  a steep long hill. It is there waiting for you. A flood of thoughts enters your mind…. How could this happen… why me… I should have turned left…. Maybe no one saw me I can turn back… pretend this is my usual halfway mark… uuugh…. But then… you continue… and definitely you will remember this route, but not under “needs to be improved” you will file it under “avoid at all costs”. HA HA Yes, I am exaggerating a little bit… perhaps… you don’t mind at all, you life in the Himalayas, or like me down in a valley, means every run there is some or other confrontation with a hill. What I mean is, this todays show is for both kind of runners. Those that struggle up a hill, and those that simply get it done. But… What is it with Hills? Why every time I mention “let’s do some Hill repeats’” the groups energy level drops like the stock exchange on a black Friday. You all know the rational reasons and benefits involved… you do, don’t you? In case you are a pancake runner… listen up… running up a hill regularly, combining or adding hill work to your routine will have a tremendous effect on your run performance. Not only does it strengthen ligaments, and tendons, apparently it improves run form too.. …because if done correctly it forces the muscles in the hips, legs and ankles to simultaneous contract or act in a synced manner, and this under the strain of your body weight. Plus add the effect of gravity, that adds to the performance boost. That’s the area where you will find improvement…or of course you can invest in new running shoes that promise “sort-of-makes-you-feel-like-they-promised” will make you run faster, and avoid hills all together. LOL. But let’s say for sake of this podcast, no money for shoes, you trained those hills, sweated on your journeys of inclines, and now what…? And what will you do with this extra power? Well as soon as you take part in your next flat 5K park run, or Marathon, you will feel that you have more power, some runners’ speak about a ease at which a much faster pace could be managed, or a general feeling of lightness that, together with improved red blood cells, and capacity for maintaining a higher threshold, all in all can… please note can lead to a faster running pace. Why can? Well as I just mentioned, it depends on many factors doesn’t it? If you are having a bad day, where a lot of factors are perhaps against you, the weather maybe it is too hot, too cold, too wet, or you are not feeling great, hey then of course it is difficult to improve on your pace. Even though you might have invested in a correct workout schedule.

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