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Follow this advice and you will join that group of runners that excel, that improve and grow and therefore remain loyal to their sport.

Which will maybe lead you to questions like:

è Is running under 4 hours a good time? By the way: anything under 4 hours could be considered a good marathon time, putting you in the top 43% of runners.

But is that relevant to you? Being in the top 43%?

Or if you are a fast runner under a 2:50 Time. Excellent time by the way. That puts you in the top 50 of any major running event.

Another option is, that its your first time to run the distance or the first time after many years. Perhaps you ran a marathon year back, and now for some or other reason you feel ready to go at it again. You are brave enough to face those months of training.

How do you know what is a realistic time for 26.2 miles if you’ve never run this far before?

Or even if you have run numerous marathons, perhaps as a middle-aged runner you are not only getting older (with the glory days well gone), but you simply don’t have the time to train like you did in the past.

If you don’t believe in yourself, and in your abilities, if you allow yourself to criticises your work to bring you down and cause you to give up on your dream, hey and soke people don’t even dare to dream.. different topic all together… you may just lose your spark and settle for much less than you deserve. If you can somehow muster up the courage and strength to persist, to chase your dreams and to keep believing in yourself, though, the outcome could be entirely different!

Proverbs 29:18“Where there isnovision, the peopleare unrestrained,Buthappy is he who keeps the law.”


What does this mean for your running? Here some useful links.
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Train your BRAIN become a better runner.

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