Shadow of a Doubt || Doubtful Runner

Whether you’re an elite or beginner runner, having feelings of self doubt at some point is inevitable. Putting in work every day starts to feel impossible when the goal is far off or you’refacing a plateau.

Strivingtowards a lofty goalis admirable. It’s exciting and motivating, sure. But what about those times when progress slows, we have a bad run, or keeping up with training feels too challenging? These struggles open the door for self doubt in our running abilities.

I am reaching that point inmy marathon trainingwhere something that I do or something that happens could directly affect meon race day.Illness,injury, skippinga stretch,missing a run, and so many other things can go wrong. It’s easy to let the overwhelming nature of the “what ifs” get in my head and allow self doubt to take over while running.

I am a firm believer thateverybodyis capable ofaccomplishing their dreams.We have the power to control what our lives become. Setting your sights on a lofty goal, running or otherwise, is incredibly exciting. So why is it that so many give up halfway or fail to reach their goals?

They let self doubt in.

We each have many skills, talents, hobbies and interests that make us unique. We’ve discovered passions and experienced rejections, and throughout our journey we are blessed with the ability to change our circumstances. Andin the darkest momentswhere we feel stuck and see no way out, we always have the power to change our mindset.

God wants us to comfort us in times of need. If you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious, the Bible can lift your spirits and give you a fresh start!

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”Joshua 1:9Thank you for your time, thanks for listening. God bless you and:

Remember, take it easy.


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God bless you, share the show give it a like, and remember… take it easy.

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